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Galisteo Views is an ongoing, beautiful group of photographic panoramas of Galisteo. We will be
Maintaining Richard’s page here as a repository of the many panoramas he did between 1996-2006. They are
available as archival ink prints, matted and framed in 8”x 21” brushed silver frames, as well as a newer size, 16”
X 40”(matted and mounted). Richard A. Shuff the photographer expresses his affinity for Galisteo through this
Unique collection.. This group will be changing from time to time as images are added and rotated. To see lots
More of Richard’s photography at his main site , click here or on the banner below.
13 LgOld Church Site.jpg
21 LgFordFairlane.jpg
41 LgPole Fence.jpg
38 LgCrepuscularRays.jpg
37 LgRockWindow.jpg
9 LgSkull Fence.jpg
1 LgTheWave.jpg
15 LgRuins on The Hill.jpg
17 LgTrailerRodeoGrounds.jpg
12 LgMoya Fence.jpg
45 LgAutumn.jpg
NEW!! For some Rodeo de Galisteo pix, play the slideshow below: